my first Blythe - Columbia <3
I thought I would share my first Blythe ever with you guys smile I never thought to own one as I don't like them stock and I can't afford them either.
My new girl is one of the factory Blythes, completely transformed by the wonderfully talented and sweet Mireya DeJesus She made the clothes and some jewellery, the chips, the charms on the eye thingys and the face of Columbia -- who is a fairly shy girl with 'goth tendencies' as I described her lol. Mireya even took photos for me so I could share her with everyone.
I sit and play with her incredible head of hair. She has been my companion since she arrived - if anyone had ever told me I would love a blythe this much I would have said something really sarcastic LOL yay

[Image: 30747420811_7412a67a8c.jpg]blythe.jpg7 by Mz Black Widow, on Flickr
[Image: 30747413551_0998d0b3b4.jpg]I adore the charms on her eye pull things, perfect. by Mz Black Widow, on Flickr
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Wow what a fun custom! Mireya does such great work, I always love how creative she is. Congrats on your new addition. She is really lovely and unique. smile
congratulations!!! she is a cutie pie.
Congratulations!! She has great hair. grin
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She is looks awesome. Her face has some moxie which I like. Congrats.
thanks guys Heart 2 I love her to pieces.

[Image: 30200297083_fcf1ab54da.jpg]Columbia being Columbia by Mz Black Widow, on Flickr

amazing what sleep will do to bring back memory slash
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Congrats, Miss Edith! She's amazing! I love those eyelids, too.
She's really awesome!
I love her crazy curls! They look so fun.
I'm always scared to get a girl with such curls such as those unless it's some type of mohair and something I'm more comfortable messing with.
Her shy girl with goth tendencies theme is awesome smile

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Now I see from the date why I missed this. I was away. Congrats on your first Blythe! What fabulous hair, and her eyes are really pretty.
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I, on the other hand, don't know how I missed this. Columbia is gorgeous! I'm like you; I don't really like stock Blythe much, but I've seen a ton of custom blythes that I love. I think if I were ever to get a Blythe she would have to be custom. Congrats on your first one!
Columbia is lovely! Her super curly hair looks amazing and lots of fun.
Congratulations! I prefer Blythe customs too but don't own one yet.
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CB, whimsu, Allie, GreysP & MapleLeaf - thankyou from Columbia & I Heart 2

She could very well be my only blythe as well, there are so many customs I love but the prices are so far out of my reach. I was fortunate Mireya was happy to work on Columbia for a great price and also lucky that factory blythes on Aliexpress are so very cheap with free shipping.

I chose her with the "only child" thought in mind, hence I went for the hair I simply could not resist. IT's never going to look well groomed but it looks and is, beautiful & fun smile
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