° Tea & Champagne
Tonight I decided to take a few pictures of my two neglected girls. Well neglected picture wise cx but I finally got their obitsus and decided they needed a quick photoshoot.

I apologize the lighting isn't great. I'm usually only awake at night and my room has the worst lighting @ x @

[Image: 4.png]
[Image: 5.png]
[Image: 13.png]

My best friend moved back to CT the other day after living in Florida for seven months (and I didn't see her the whole time!) but on the way back she got me some pokemon toys at McDonalds 8D So Champagne started bonding with Tepig cx
[Image: 16.png]

And some pictures of Tea. By the time I got her set up to take pics I started falling asleep so there's just two decent ones > 3 >

[Image: 48.png][Image: 23.png]

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