There's a new girl in town! xD
Sooo... I'm kind of upset that I didn't take unboxing pictures, but ah well. Too late now wink. You all know what Celsiy looks like anyways... yay

The husb is always super sweet to take interest in my box openings even though he's not that into them himself, but I think he found it a little disconcerting when I removed her from her box and promptly started "ripping" her wig off. I'm always extremely careful, but there's always rather scary tearing sounds no matter how gentle you are LOL. I probably should have warned him wink heehee...

I got randomly inspired to make her my own right away, so practically within the hour, I customized her some new chips and a mohair wig. I didn't have enough teal and was pretty bummed until I thought to do a two-toned wig. I really love it with the white. I think it makes her look spunky and eclectic Happy

Now on to the pictures! I never thought I was a pic story type of person, but I just couldn't help it with this one. She is too stinkin' cute and her personality developed almost instantly in my mind xp


[Image: 6209571150_84cf7b0ef1_z.jpg]
Celsiy: *Feels new hair* ... wow! I like it! Although I'm not gonna lie. I was a little worried before you styled it... Sweatdrop
Me: So glad you approve! Sorry it's still a little damp...

[Image: 6209037135_7077c57491_z.jpg]
Celsiy: The new eyes are so different from what I'm used to! I really like them though... blush
Me: I think you look lovely Heart. Let's teleport over to meet Aya!
Celsiy: Aya? Telep---


[Image: 6209571164_bce3fa2b35_z.jpg]
Aya: ... Hi.
Celsiy: Eeeeeek!

[Image: 6209571178_0ed6c7a5cb_z.jpg]
Aya: Yeeeeeah, I get that a lot. I see she made you a wig too. She... really likes mohair. Here. Have some cupcake.
Celsiy: ..... *peek*
Me: I think you guys will get along just fine yay


Oooook, well now I feel kind of silly LOL. I'm not sure how regular of an occurrence pic stories will be for me, teehee right

But anyways... I love my new girl! I really need to start coming up with names for them other then their stock names. Also, I was surprised to discover that I actually like type 3s!

First type 3, first second hand doll, first pictures uploaded to my flickr, and first pic story! Lots of firsts! YAY! Happy

~ Minty

Ps. Sorry for the iffy picture quality. The lighting in my house after dark is pretty much terrible xp
.*: Hatsune Miku ~*~ Aya ~*~ Neo Noir ~*~ Celsiy ~*~ Lunatic Queen :*.
.*: Suiseiseki ~*~ Romantic Alice ~*~ Naomi ~*~ Miku LOL ~*~ Eos :*.

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