Some Love for my Less Photographed Girls!!!
I can't believe how few pictures I've taken of these cuties!

This is my BNP, Sonja-Marie. She's a nature-loving model/ makeup artist. The beauty can be a little air-headed at times, but that kind of adds to her charm. And, she's wearing Kira-Kira's awesome eyechips!

[Image: DSC00266.jpg]

And here's a close up, I think the eyes really compliment her warm face-up.

[Image: DSC00264.jpg]

This is Eudmilla, my Arietta. Her personal style is a bit of a work-in-progress, but I love the way she looks with her wig and Kira-Kira chips! She is by far the biggest animal lover in my group, but she loves to investigate human antiquities and oddities too!

[Image: dolleyes.jpg]

And this is my newest girl, Hana, a Youtsuzu. She's an artist from the Pacific Northwest (where I hope to live some day), her main pre-occupations when she isn't painting or scavenging for found objects are wine and researching her mixed Asain heritage. She's a bit of a girly-girl, but refuses to wear skirts!

[Image: DSC00288.jpg]

Here's a close-up of that pretty face!

[Image: DSC00290.jpg]

Hopefully I'll be more diligent about documenting these cuties! smile
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