Happy Pokemon Day! (Azone Lil Fairy)
My first Azone Lil Fairy finally came in the post yesterday! She's just in time to help me celebrate Pokemon day!

Pokemon turns 20 years old on February 27. It's a landmark time for fans and we're all excited, especially with the news of the new games Heart

[Image: FJM4vsU.jpg?1]

[Image: fHxt4i4.jpg?1]

[Image: pmRAFiy.jpg?1]

My new girl (a Neilly) turned out to be just the right size to ride my Nidorina plushie. They're also showing off a beautiful keychain made of beads that my best friend made me (how talented is she? omg) because Nidoqueen is my favourite Pokemon.

I decided to name this girl Corey, because she's so tiny, she's practically a Minutian (obscure Shaman King reference ftw!!). She seems to like Pokemon almost as much as I do.

Pullips: Langley(Asuka), Maddie(Merl), Ophelia(Tiphona), Camille(Kiyomi), Ally(Classical Alice), Roz(Rosalind), Nate(Nosferatu), Eirwen(Snow White), Mariette(Milk Latte), Lily(Puki), Nataleigh(Nanette), Courtney(Reg Fan), Nami(Rei), Fleur(Luna), , Tiberius(Tantus), Petunia (Jouet 2.0),  Vanessa(BRH), Mary(Oui'Vera), Hugo(Gyro), Bella(Chibi Risa), Nicki(NekoMao), Sunny(Raphia), Dorian(Custom), Odette(Isolde), Aisha(Nahh), Lian(China), Maaya(Nina), Haruka(Purezza), Hero(Apollo), Cecily(Sfoglia), Carly(Podo), Suri(Blackberry), Dominique(Shinku), Temperance(Veritas), Clair(Violetta), Bonnie(Hello Kitty), Emily(Si'Anna), September(Fourrure), Natsume(Summer Purezza), Cherami(Akemi), Kate(Paja), Lizzy(Elisabeth), Crissy(Papin), Siegfried(Arion), Andromeda(Ra Muw), Wanda(Hermine), Odile(Adsiltia), Daisy(Leroy), Maggie(RQ), Cissa(Chibi Risa), Sam(Mao), Amelia(Sailor Saturn), Susan(Silane), Nora(Alura), Momo(Youtsuzu), Hanzo(Okita)

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