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Unicorn Love
(08-12-2016, 10:40 PM)Offgenemi Wrote: I don't have any in my collection but I admire them smile those tokidoki unicorns are adorable !!!

They are and they keep multiplying!!! (They're originally the keychain / phone charm size, but I've removed the chain!)

(08-13-2016, 03:43 AM)Alliecat Wrote: Haha, cute. How lovely to rediscover a childhood favourite smile Did you draw the cartoon?
I don't have MLPs but I have a couple of little unicorn figurines and a plushie. And a piece of art with a fantasy portrait of a pair (who are a bit rainbow-y).

The cartoon is on a coaster that my (non-doll collecting) bestie bought for me - it says "play with me" "look... I've checked up on this and unicorns are not real. You're not real. It's just the drugs. So just go away and leave me alone now"

I prefer to believe in the magic of unicorns however, apart from my one MLP there are little hints of unicorn all over the house!

Please feel free to post a pic of your unicorns x
Dolly collector and rerooter, rescuer of waifs and strays!!

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