Dal DrTa (member of the first Dals Trio) Pics and review.
[Image: Zrw2Nre.jpg]

DrTa is one of the 3 very first Dals that came out at the same time from June Planning. She was quite affordable thanks to the good old box that didn't aged very well. All tapes and glues are super dry making the box pretty much open already.

[Image: rnu3RCf.jpg]

Quite a bit is included. And here at last, a CARD and a DOLL STAND! The first models were all metals. Pretty damn sweet!

[Image: oQu8GC7.jpg]

A closer look at the pamphlet. Taeyand Shade would be a great addition in my collection. However, his current price make that option a big "nope".

[Image: xqvqNxH.jpg]

Her two accessories. A handbag and a plushie. The plushy is adorable. The handbag is stylish, but it show some age.

[Image: Z5QnzlZ.jpg]

Metal stands are pretty nice! I like that better than the Groove standard plastic ones.

[Image: U0GwijP.jpg]

I'll be a pervert for the time to show you that this new doll don't come with any plastics wrapping for the body and she have NO STAINS despite the black clothes. Perfection!

[Image: ljcqiAu.jpg]

Her eyes are very simple. Her face-up is pretty soft and elaborate. Maybe a bit too much blush.

DrTa's body is pretty tight all over ans she hold a pose well. I really love that stock outfit!

[Image: IgDPR7A.jpg]
[Image: feHlXwx.jpg]
[Image: fWTj0Is.jpg]
[Image: gAVJ7f0.jpg]
[Image: dLu4Hib.jpg]
[Image: tlX3Z59.jpg]

[Image: MEudCK3.jpg]

Her handbag is decaying a bit. Leaving some red specs everywhere. Not as bad as Withered's coat though.

[Image: sFQsTJL.jpg]

All in all, DrTa is a great addition to my collection!
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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