Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020)
Thank you very much, everyone!

Day 2

Writing single digit next to 'Day' feels so weird...

I mentioned in the 2020 plans thread that I wanted to share mine in my ADAD thread. Today is Motivation and Inspiration Day, so this is perfect time to post my plans. So here we go. It's a to-do list of sorts, but I don't like to-do lists, so I call it 'shenanigary wishlist' instead. I still won't go to too much detail, though, I'd jinx myself.

[Image: 91a494c33ddf4c90e8a18ee05225dd57.jpg]
  • Sewing, sewing and more sewing! Remei needs more clothes, some of my other dolls need replacement clothes, my Withdoll will need something once she has a face... I want to participate in monthly sewing themes at Den of Angels (not all of them, though)... Yeah. Lots of sewing!
  • Do more artsy-fartsy stuff. I want to get better at drawing, and I have a little plan for how to use it to help myself with ADAD
  • Get another resin BJD in MSD size. Withdoll needs a friend!
  • Get a resin SD-sized doll - I may or may not have already started working on this one (Edit - I didn't word it well, I meant these two. The MSD one is also already in the process). Which may or may not be the reason I have no money for face-up supplies. Which brings me to...
  • Face-ups! By the end of 2020, all face-less dolls must no longer be face-less!
  • Get another Lil' Fairy. Monty needs a friend in his size. He's friends with Orlok and all the other dolls, but I think he's feeling a bit lonely, being my only 1/12 doll...
  • Shell at least one Oddwickshire character
And stick to this challenge, of course, but that goes without saying. So that's my evil plan for 2020. I also want to assure you that the tiny violin will make more appearances.

Here's a bonus photo:

[Image: 887ba1a7b139072b943c1aed58dce5c6.jpg]

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