Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020)
Thank you very much, everyone!

Both of our 'patients' say it's about as bad as regular flu, and they don't seem to be ex!periencing any of those weird symptoms like loss of smell and taste. Both are at home, they didn't need to stay in the hospital, which I'm grateful for, spending holidays alone (skype parties just don't cut it...) is bad enough as it is...

Hot chocolate did help, and while I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, I'm much better today.

(12-18-2020, 10:01 AM)davidd Wrote: One of my relatives got the first in the series of two vaccination shots today. I asked him if this means he no longer has to wear a mask. He said no, because it is still possible to catch and spread covid. I was all like, whaaat? Then what is the point of the vaccinations? He said everyone will need to wear masks until everyone has been vaccinated. So again... what is the point? Is this just another money-making scam by the medical industry? And another social control ex-periment by government?

We here have been told that it's because you can be immune to covid as in the disease, but the virus itself can 'stay under the radar', when it sits in the host body inactive and therefore it doesn't trigger the reaction of immunity, and it waits like this for encounter with a weaker host who isn't immune, so that's why even vaccinated people can still spread it, but don't quote me on that, so many ex!!!perts have said so many things already, I'm losing track...

Day 353

My complete Azone crew is here to provide more cheerfulness!

[Image: fef44bc4f624c939cd23a3d84614235d.jpg]

Liselotte and Monty have been with me since summer 2019, Rick and Lil' Fairy girls joined the cuteness army this year. And I have another one on pre-order, but she won't arrive until March. Pre-ordering Azones was the name of the game this year. And I think the next year won't be all that different.

(In case you're wondering about the size difference - Pure Neemos are standing on a box, that's why they appear to be much taller than Piccos)

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