Werepuppy's A Doll A Day Challenge 2020
I can totally buy her as a rock star.
On the ooshies, they're a promotional thing that Woolworths here run. They did some on the Lion King last year and people went bananas for them, so they brought it back this year with a different range. You unfortunately don't get a choice in what you get, it's a blind bag deal. If you spend say $90 on groceries you get 3 ooshies. So far we've only got 3 doubles. 2 Ladys (Lady and the Tramp), 2 Darths and 2 Leia's. We tested the glow in the dark Gamora by charging her up under a reading lamp and then putting her in a dark room, and boy did she really glow green! I personally want the figure of The Mandalorian the most, because it looks the coolest, but I think its one of the rarer ones.

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