"Constellation" & "Tarot" dolls (more pix Mar. 5)
Cute! Your photoshoot with Catherine looks so magical! I love the colours, and her posing is natural and realistic. I’m struggling to decide how old she looks though – do you have a theory of that in mid? She looks both childlike and mature to me at the same time. And Taryn seems cool and strong. Badass with a bit of sass ^^

I’ve come across these girls a few times on AliExpress before, but they are strangely too big for my taste (BlackKitty of The Multicrafteral Lab blog had a review of them with size comparisons where there was size comparison too). Too bad, I'm in love with Virgo's olverall colour scheme! I always wondered if the dolls are knock-offs of another existing doll line – ok, this sounds so bad, as if China couldn’t have their original ideas… I definitely didn’t mean it like that. It’s just the amount of actual knock-offs I’ve come across onAli that makes me have these thoughts all the time... Oh My
I love their detailed outfits, especially the pirate one! I actually saved one of your pictures of Taryn to my hard drive (let me know if that’s an issue) to a folder in which I collect photos of clothes for inspiration for my future sewing projects. It’s a shame that while the manufacturer seems to put in so much effort into the dolls’ overall look (and even adds manufacturer’s tags!), not so much effort goes into preserving that look – I’m talking about the staining fabric used. Come on, tt’s so easy to prevent such damage (and then avoid having to refund you)… If sanding didn’t work, you could try sunfading with acne cream – it worked great (and completely resolved the issue in only a few days :O ) for me on a playline doll who had a black scarf – and also this as a result: sad

[Image: 5g07rfr.jpg]
(here's another photo from the back)

Seeing your photos and having seen those of others taken of these dolls, I’m thinking it might actually be the face mold and the alignment of the eye sockets that are making the girls look slightly cross-eyed, not the placement of the eyes. It can’t be that so many of them have that! I don’t find it bad though, I think it adds a little character to them.
It might not be the result of the face mold though – I know you mentioned you don’t want to touch the eyes, but eye sockets are always like little pockets (well, at least all the ones I’ve opened up/swapped so far were like that anyway), so the eyes can’t "fall into the head" smile If you don’t want to take the eyes out, just push them around, the worst that can happen is that you accidentally make them more misaligned (LOL, I know that wasn’t encouraging at all Tongue ). If you may decide to give it a go in the future, I’d recommend using hot water instead of a hairdryer though – the direct heat from the hairdryer can melt both the eyelashes and the hair (speaking from experience Cry ), while submerging the head (in a plastic bag) in hot water will make the head soft just the same, without damaging these fine plastic parts.
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