Finally free after 12 years - unboxing Rei Ayanami
(11-06-2020, 10:59 AM)Kanrabat Wrote: ...Like the Miku in my sig!
Your Miku is beyond adorable, and she always makes me smile! What figure is she exactly, or what version/from which video? Being the Pullip Miku magnet I seem to have become, I know very little about Miku in general. From how much is visible, her outfit looks so cute, and would look great made into a Pullip outfit.

(11-06-2020, 02:11 PM)Alliecat Wrote: S.-B.O.S.S. would be a good acronym for such a group... and it sounds like a crew like that should have their own TV series.  Or at least a photostory wink
Oh wow, that's a totally cool accidental acronym! I didn't even realise - thank you for pointing it out! I might have to make them a little wooden sign room decoration with that acronym. A photostory would sound totally cool, but knowing myself it would never get far sad
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