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Hi everyone! I decided to create my own ongoing thread of doll photo activity as a way to incentivize me to take and share more but also with no pressure on how often I make that happen. My first post is about Pullips but I put it in the other Dolls/Figures category just in case I want to use this for me other dolls – hope thats okay!

I took some photos yesterday for a blog post I'm writing about my personal experiences as a doll collector. I took a couple of my Chicca and Wind thinking I would include them for the blog but I don't think I will – mainly because I realized my backyard is covered in weeds and kinda looks a mess. 

But Chicca and Wind (who could really use individualized names, I used to do that but kinda stopped) have never been out together, and when I set them up, I thought they looked so cute I've decided they're probably a couple now:

[Image: 8DeMPSs.jpg?2]

More to come! Hopefully!

Edited: Resized the photo so it wasn't ridiculous
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