Meet Lance!
Finally 'introducing' this boy here. 

I've had him for about three years at this point but he's never been photographed because of the fact that I was trying to get his wig situation sorted. 

My friend and I have had a roleplay going on for about 14 years now which we eventually turned into a webcomic, and while a LOT of the characters are actually based off of characters that I created based on some of my earliest dolls, several of the characters were created for the roleplay and then I later turned them into dolls(or am in the process of doing so.) Lance here is one of those characters, one of said friend's original characters rather than my own. 

He has a very specific hairstyle, very Kurt Cobain-esque, and when I decided to make a doll of him I knew EXACTLY what wig I wanted to use. It was this one from cancan-jseries. So after I got him, I bought it. That was in early April 2020. Then the very next day after I ordered China banned all shipping to the United States and my order was refunded. 

Then for the next two years I bought and tried about four or more different wigs and not a single one was right. One of the other ones I tried got lost in the mail for a while. 

Eventually I was finally able to order his new wig and I got it a while back, when it arrived it was sticking out in an insane way and I thought 'oh, here we go again' but after a few weeks with a scrunchie around his neck it was perfect. 

So he can finally be introduced. 

Laurence Olivier, everyone!

[Image: 51923758847_5b4ba6f0f6_z.jpg]Lance by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 51923758177_a8722cc5e8_z.jpg]Lance by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 51923758502_72149244b2_z.jpg]Lance by Haley, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!

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