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How do you collect your MH dolls?
Anyone else find it pretty impossible to keep up with this line? Tongue They seem to release so many new lines all at once, then before I've had enough time to get them all (without spending an entire few months spending budget on MH), they're already disappearing off the shelves! Then there's the flipping issue too slash I've gone from stubbornly buying every single doll to just buying the ones I like lol. Trying to get them all is just far too expensive & difficult. I'd have to regularly stalk several different stores to get all the different exclusives, as well as buying US only exclusives online! There are so many I wanted that I missed. I also tend to go through phases with my dolls, where one minute I'm all into them & buying loads, then I lose interest for a bit & want to spend my money on other things.....this does not help when it comes to missing out on dolls I wanted LOL

So, how do you guys collect MH? & how do you find it?

i used to collect every Frankie - keyword 'used to' - my sister kind of came in and took control of my room :/ so now i only have 1 Frankie and 4 CAM's - and i know the feeling - i had problems finding each doll - i even have friends that im looking for certain dolls and its killing me - its crazy - i forgot how hard it was to find them all when your only looking for one doll - ugh
I collect accidentally. I find ones that I like, and then only buy them if I can find them in store. I have to say, my hunt for Howleen was expensive since I always found something else in the toy isle after I couldn't find the sister pack. I have admired most of you guys for your hunts and quests, but I can't keep up and am pretty sure I'm done.
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Lol, I keep thinking I should give up on the Mh's :p But I just can't bring myself to now I've started with them.

How have you let your sister take control of your room?? :p Kick her out lol.

I don't collect MH, but this is the problem I have with Pullip. xD I can barely keep up with Groove's releases, you people who collect both are crazy.
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(10-09-2012, 06:28 AM)Lilcurly Wrote: Lol, I keep thinking I should give up on the Mh's :p But I just can't bring myself to now I've started with them.

How have you let your sister take control of your room?? :p Kick her out lol.

i really didnt have a choice - she said it was getting done one way or another :/
I collect one of each character, and then try and find their outfits for sale on the internet. My main goal is to get the basics of all the characters though..
I used to want to get them all, I did so until the first Gloom Beach line (not the multi-pack) and then I decided I had to stop... I still managed to complete the second dotd badge, but then I couldn't find classroom Lagoona and decided to just drop it... Since the dolls are really overpriced over here and I'm too lazy to buy them online (or they're just as overpriced online)
I now try to just buy the basic version of each character and if I really like another version, I'll get that one, but I've given up hope on collecting them all.
I've got almost all of them, I've been collecting them since they were first released though. So far I've been more or less been able to keep up with them as they were released. My friend and I have an agreement to keep an eye out on for the new releases for each other, which ever of us finds them first buys them. We've been pretty successful hunting, I'm also hunting for different MLP so chances are I'll be successful finding one or the other LOL .

Normally I tend to prioritize favorite characters (Abbey, Operetta, Frankie), new characters and limited/exclusive dolls. Right now, I have all my high priority wants except for the Skull Shores 5-pack which hasn't shown up here yet (we have a proliferation of Gloom Beach 5-pack instead) so now I am just kind of waiting for sales and/or coupons (I have TRU rewards points card thing) to get some of my lower priority wants like the rest of Ghouls Rules dolls.
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Redstars - lol, I only have a few Pullip dolls, so it makes my MH collecting easier smile

MissMandyLynne - Oh dear sad that sucks.

Picklesbird - That's actually a really good idea. Although the prices on Ebay UK even for clothing are ridiculous sad I think I'd end up spending more doing it that way.

Yun - I lost track around the same time as you, I've just managed to get a couple of the classroom dolls off someone on here, but I decided not to bother with Ghoulia, as I'm not that fussed on her in that set. I'm not going to bother with a lot of the sets that are out now, like the Dot dead gorgeous line, I'm not fussed on them at all.

Hina Ichigo - I started when they were first released too, but I didn't realise how crazy it'd get at the time lol. I don't really have the time or energy to hunt, so I think that's why I miss so many of them. Gah, we don't get the limited edition packs here sad I'd have to pay £50+ on Ebay for them if I wanted them. Which sucks.

I just go after the ones that I really like.
I don't want to spend a lot of money on dolls that I may not like, just for the sake of collecting them..
It's easier on my wallet, because I'm picky with the dolls I like ^-^;
It is tempting when I see the "HTF" ones at work, but if I'm not crazy about them, I won't get them and I'll let someone else get them.

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I'm going to do that from now on, just collect the ones I really want. Any that I'm 'meh' about I'm not going to bother with - I'd rather spend the money on other things smile

When Monster High first came out, I planned on getting one of each character. That plan failed quickly: the new releases were often so different from previous ones that I just had to have multiples! With only one exception, I bought my MH dolls from local stores. I really enjoyed the "thrill of the hunt" lol. Sweatdrop I recently decided to sell most of my collection, though, because the sheer size of it was overwhelming. I still love MH, but I'd rather enjoy other people's pictures! I kept some of my dolls and I'd really like to get some of them customized.
I try to pick one character I like best from each release, the only one I refuse to own is Nefera. I have to admit, they really got me when they released those torso packs though, I HAD to have all the monsters for the torsos! xD Other than that, the only snag has been my mom buying me too many to hold on my MH shelf! It seems she rather likes Lagoona and the CAM sets, so I have an excess of those!
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Bohemian, I'm looking forward to the 2 girls I bought from you arriving smile Only getting the 2 classroom girls was the start of me not buying the ones I'm not particularly fussed on (decided against Ghoulia lol). Now I just need to try & get hold of Holt Hyde :s I missed him first time round, & definitely want him, but he's so darn expensive now.

kitten-squid, Why don't you like Nefera? I seem to have gotten into the CAM sets too :p I just wish they did better wigs & clothes for them. I'm hoping that at some point they'll release clothes sets (decent ones) for the CAM dolls, as all my CAM dolls are nakey :p


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