Truefan Feedback
+1 she sold me a pair of mini pullip outfits. Smooth transaction and some extra freebies. Thanks!
+1 purchased 3 Monster High dolls and they arrived fast and are wonderful.
+1 as a seller

as always, True is one of the best. Thankyou again smile
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Most Awesome seller. Thank you for the freebie (LOVE the sticker), and being honest about shipping costs!
+1 seller! I bought Frara's and Rot Chan's stock from her; she had great communication, shipped quickly and the clothes are perfect. Thank you!

+1 trader! We traded some Dal clothing and everything went perfectlysmile (sorry this is late True! )
+1 like a seller.

We split a Edward Sissorhands, for me the outfit and I'm really happy with this member.

EXCELENT comunication, package, fast shipping, very kind etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR ALL, really ^^!

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+1 as a seller! This was my fourth-or-something purchase from True, and as always it was a 100% positive experience. Items in perfect condition, outstanding communication, and the overload of stamps never fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you for the three wigs, True!
+1 as a seller.

Wigs in good condition.
Ebay feedback
DM Feedback

WTB: T1 body, Pullips bait heads with eye mech, Stock outfits of Lilith, Savon, Bianca and Panda, Stock eye chips,Pullips eyemechs (complete), and Another Alice with full stock outfit and accessories......Happy

+1 as a fantastic seller

My dal erenfried partial stock was sent very fast and perfectly packaged. Thank you so much!!
+1 as a seller! She put up Magical Pink-Chan on the forum, and we decided that since we would both be at the meetup this month, that we would do the transaction in person. smile Lovely to deal with, and I'm terribly excited to have my first Dal doll.
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If I forgot to leave you feedback, please let me know!

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+1 Seller. Truefan saw I was looking for Hook, for a project, and was kind enough to offer me the one from her collection. She was absolutely lovely to communicate with and Hook was shipped quickly. He was very well packed (his box arrived in better shape than dolls I've gotten from PullipStyle!) True was even kind enough to send a few little extras, too, which was very sweet of her.

Thank you so much, True! I would definitely recommend her as a seller and would buy from her, again!
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+1 as an absolutely amazing seller yet again! I bought Truefan's Dollmore Lukia and she was packaged exceptionally well, shipped quickly and I just could not be happier with this transaction. Thanks so much <3
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+1 for being a supreme seller yet again!

I've had multiple transactions with TrueFan, and they've all been perfect. My most recent was for purchasing a Jimmy X stock outfit. Well packed, in excellent condition, reasonable price. Thanks so much! smile
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+1 great seller. Sold me a taeyang and he was exactly as described and included extras!
+1 as a lovely buyer!!!

True bought two wigs from me. Communication was pleasant and friendly, and payment was prompt. She notified me when the items arrived and left feedback. What more could one ask of a buyer? yay

A perfect transaction -- thanks again!
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