Feedback For Ryamcshme
+1 as a seller. Great communication and quick shipping. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much.
+1 - Dollmore Glasses and Nina Stock

Quick shipping and great communication. Thanks!
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+1 as a seller! Bought a small amount of items and they all arrived quickly and in great shape! Thanks again! smile
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+1 as a seller!
Purchased Nina stock and am very pleased with the transaction. ^^ Great communication and VERY fast shipping!! Thank you again!!
+1 for my adorable Paja <3 She came wrapped with care and in perfect condition. Shipping was super fast too! One of the best transactions I've ever had.

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+1 as a seller. thank you! :3
+1 as a seller!
Purchased Assa partial stock.
Great seller *__* fast shipping and great communication ^^ thanks for all!!!!
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+1 as a seller. Bought Papin from her and she is beautiful! Came quickly, and good communication. No complaints

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+1 Great seller, fast shippingHappy
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+1 for the doll legwarmers I bought from her!
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+1 as a seller. bought a few clothing pieces, great transaction, nothing to complain about! Happy
+1 as a seller!!
Really nice and good communication, fast shipping and an amazing package!
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