Stitches' Feedback.
If you've brought from me or sold anything to me, please leave me feedback.
I have positive feedback as spookyboo on the pullipstyle forum, and as stitchesandstars on ebay!
+1 as a seller.

Mitzi arrived today~~~

grin Thank yeww.

Very friendly & good communication. Very, very pleasant to deal with. Would definitely buy from again~~ :3

Thank you~~~grin
wooe, Lan Ake arrived today!

+1 also, you are very kind and i am happy with the good communication

Thanks a lot! xox
+1 as a seller. Thank you for helping me find my grail, Fantastic Alice.

She arrived quickly and in great condition. Thanks for the great transaction!

Dally Doll
+ 1
i purchased a nude Veritas from stitches. super fast shipping and my new favorite doll!
thank you so much!
+1 for selling me Rot-chan! I love her to bits! <3
+1 as a seller

i bought a wolf namu from her. he arrived in perfect condition - there was great communication throughout. thanks!
+1 for being a fantastic seller, got my three boys today~ ^__^ they've formed a band! XD I love them so much, thank you smile

Only complaint is that her face was scuffed and dirty, but it was easily fixed! Great packing job, without all that protection she probably would have been crushed by the usps..... grrr.
+1 as a seller. Thanks so much for the gorgeous Principessa! My collection is complete!
neutral. You are an excellent seller and person, however, you failed to notice some factory flaws in the doll you sold me. They're not your fault, I know, but still, you should have told me.

Nevertheless, I'm happy with my new doll.
[Image: 3602605.png][Image: banner_s2-c12.jpg]
Hanaayame was excellent and is in great condition. Thank you so much for everything. I give +1
+1 as a seller for a bait Cornice head. smile Great communication and really friendly, thanks so much! yay
+1 as a seller ! Prunella is just perfect ! Really protected in a box, in really good conditions just as you said in your sale topic ! I'm so happy grin
+1 for an awesome sell

bought Streets head from her - thanx you for helping me find one of my grails - fast shipping and a gret person to deal with yay

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