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If you are interested, I have positive feedback on ebay (Buyer and Seller) - there I am mara-chu

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+1 positive as a buyer


fast replies, good communication etc. and nice to "do business" with ^^
1+ as a buyer.

Absolutely fabulous. Was incredibly wonderful, and patient, and has a genuine heart of gold. Would happily buy from / sell to again =)

Thank you so much for everything ^^
1+ as a buyer.

Absolutely wonderful!! pleasure to deal with and talk to, I cant recommend Chu highly enough!! very genuine person patient and all over great buyer.

Thank you SO much again for taking care of my little girl


+1, awesome to do buisness with! Thank you so much!
+ 1 as a buyer *^^*
Sarah is such a lovely buyer~ awesome communication, fast payment, and all round super-sweet! :kissy: <3
+ 1 as a buyer
Sarah is a very nice person. The transaction went smoothly. Fast payment and great communication

+1 as a buyer! Totally perfect transaction. Thanks! <3

+1 for being a fantastic buyer! :-) Super sweet and super-fast payment! :-) I would be happy to sell to Chu anytime! :-) Thanks so much! :kissy:
This is long over due.. ^^;

+1 for CHU for being an awsome buyer! I sold her my Cornice and everything went well, she even sent me a picture of her now~! Thanks so much!

+1 buyer, I'm glad the Taeyang stocks came through even if it took longer than expected. You're a real doll <3
No longer a collector.
I only check here every few days if you need to contact me. Also same name on DoA which may be faster.
My Dolly Market Feedback
+1 for being an excellent buyer! Sent a prompt payment and stayed in communication with me. grin
neutral as a buyer (flaked)
Expressed interest in my doll, contacted me asking for a shipping quote to Germany.
I went to the post office and got the quote for her. However after I got her the shipping quote she replied saying she didn't realize I had written in my post that I did not accept layaway. She then replied the next day saying that she could not gather the funds and backed out.
I do not appreciate the backing out after I had spent my time and gas money to get a shipping quote.

However, the communication we did have was quick and I'm thankful for that much.
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+1 as a buyer.
She bought my Littlefee Ante with a three month layaway. She was very prompt with all payments and communication was also quick. I would do business with her again anytime!
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