elderham's Feedback
+2 smile I forgot to leave feedback last time
First it was ordering clothes, next time head-clothing trade. Elderham is very nice, very patient and with trade she send it very safely to me so a biy in unharmed ^ ^
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+1 as seller!

I bought some clothes and the communication was great, tha package arrived very fast! I love everything! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer!

Really wonderful buyer to work with! She paid quickly and communication with her was quick and friendly--she was even kind enough to let me know that her items had arrived ♥ Thank you!
+1 as a buyer! Friendly transaction and prompt payment. Thanks! smile
+1 as a buyer~ great comms and let me know when their package arrived! thanks again!
+1 as a buyer!

Super friendly, paid quickly, and excellent communication--she was even kind enough to let me know when her package arrived! Thank you ♥
+1 for a great sale

bought a few mini stands from her and they were packaged perfectly and were shipped really fast ^^
+1 as a great buyer smile
+1 as an awesome seller

Elderham sold me 3 dolls and she is friendly, patient with great communication & fast shipping - plus an extra gift smile Thankyou very much, again !
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+1 as a seller!
Shipped the wig very promptly, great communication, and thank you! Happy
(Sorry for not leaving feedback for so long, I was not on Dolly Market for a while due to the fact that I was typing the URL in wrong!)
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+1 as a seller! I bought a wig from elderham, communication was great, a really nice person to deal with. Item was shipped very quickly. Thanks for everything, I'm very satisfied with my new wig!!!!
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+1 as a buyer!

She is super sweet! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
Bought 2 mini wigs from elderham! Transaction went wonderfully! Communication was fast and shipment was quick too! A pleasure!
+1 as buyer <3

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+1 for being a perfect buyer.

Elderham purchased two shirts from my sales thread. She paid immediately and let me know when the items arrived. Thanks so much!
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