Sheep_jump_rainbows Feedback; meee~*!!
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^o^ hello!! Please leave your feedback for me, if I have bought or sold anything (mainly bought ) Thank you~*!
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I also have an ebay account, ciocio_san at 100% and a pullip style account sheep_jump_rainbows
+1 Sheep_jump_rainbows is a fantastic seller. Was packaged lovely in her original box. Thank you so much!!

Why does it say you have no negatives? If I remember correctly there should be a big negative from me, as I never got the doll. Also you never sent me my money back.
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Doll recieved (although the shipping method was a little scary! I hadn't ever thought of removing limbs and folding him over like that) and he's gorgeous. Thank you.
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A perfect buyer, thank you very much!

Doll recieved safely, and in very good condition, thank you!

However.... the packaging wasn't ideal. She was packed nude and unwrapped in a flimsy cardboard box with only one piece of tissue paper, and somehow the box had been squashed along the way and popped open.... her legs were loose in the box, so lucky they didn't fall out.

If you plan to buy from SJR, make sure you discuss packaging!
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Otherwise, this was a perfectly fine transaction.

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i'm gonna hafta say a neutral feedback. Whilst she came pretty quickly as others have said the packaging wasnt ideal all her limbs were removed and she was folded in half in a flimsy box.
This isnt why im giving neutral feeback though as the head is quite badly stained, one of her ears has something blue all over it and the other side has a long yellow squiggle of some kind both of which were hidden in the photos by her wig which whilst isnt stica stock wig I dont think is actually a pullip wig at all i think it might be a dal one as it doesnt cover her headcap no matter which way i put it on. None of this was mentioned in the doll listing.
Im not giving negative feedback because i should have asked about all these things myself but being relatively new to the pullip scene im also quite a deal naive. So i will chalk this one up to experience and use stica as my first renovation attempt.
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+1 as a seller, I bought a wig which arrived fast, safe and sound, and as described.

+1 as seller!
+1 as a seller. Shipped super fast and no packaging issues, she was packed nice and securely. Absolutely would not hesitate to do business with again grin
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