Jennytheartist's Feedback
+1 for Jenny! I bought two of her handmade tees and she was super friendly and fast!
+1 for a trade~

I received my half of the trade yesterday, and the handmade items were just too cute ^__^ I really enjoy what I've received, and I would be more than willing to trade with you in the future~
+1 for a swap.
Received today. I swap some eyechips/eyelashes with her dolly clothings. Thanks!^^ <3
+1 as a seller! She was super friendly, and shipped fast! <img src=" /> Thanks for the dress; Damien looks fabulous! <3
I have left the Pullip hobby indefinitely. I no longer receive PMs from the forum, so please email me if you have any questions or concerns.


+1 for being an awesome seller! I got my dress and shirt today they are sooo cute on my dollies! Super great communication and cute packaging to boot!
+1 Thank you. Clothes arrived today, love the packaging!

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+1 for being an excellent seller! Thank you very much

+1 as a seller!
Fast shipping,love the items!
Thank you <img src=" />
+1 positive, received my items. thanks so much!
+1 for neutral

I certainly do not want to be the one to leave anything less than a positive feedback because I thought the seller to be a good person and communicator...

However the type 3 body that was purchased had cracks, a broken piece and staining on the hands which was not mentioned in the item description by the seller. I can not help but to feel a little disappointed in this transaction.

She did apologize and I believe we both entered this transaction with the best of intentions, but I am still left with a body which was paid for yet I am not able to use.

Note: for future transactions be sure to ask the seller to inspect the item beforehand.
+1 Jenny purchased Hangry from me. Great transaction.
She is a sweetheart. Highly recommended smile
My feedback thread
+1 as a buyer - perfect transaction. Thanks! smile
+1 as a buyer. Thanks!
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+1 for a wonderful dress and scarf combo, thank you!
+1 for selling!
I bought 2 pairs of shoes and they arrived really fast! Awesome seller!!!! Thanks so much hun!

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