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Also can find feedback on Ebay under daisyannesmile: 160 possitive feedback!! 99%!!!!

* Note: This comment has completely taken me off guard. Yes, I did communicate regularly with the seller, but all communications were attempts at being pro-active in completing the sale. I did pay her promptly, which is the most important action item in any transaction second to receiving what you pay for, so when weeks passed, and I still found nothing in the mail, I got worried. My communications with the seller were mostly questions regarding what to do if the item accidentally got lost in the mail (since there was no tracking number, my only link to the items were through the seller). Never once did I believe that the seller was trying to scam me. She responded to all of my PMs and other communications, which was great.

In response to her feeling that I "hounded, and hounded, and hounded- borderline harrassment", that is her opinion. I was always very courteous and kind in all communications. My comment about my "dollies being bald" and the seller feeling that I was trying to guilt her, was simply me trying to be cute about my little dollies wanting some hair. It wasn't an attack. It was a mis-interpretation of a comment that was intended to be fun.

As far as other sellers or buyers working with me in the future, I have an excellent history from ebay, and you are welcome to review the feedback there. (link at the top of page) Any questions, please contact me directly.
1 neutral as a buyer.

I really hate to do this - this is the first non-positive feedback I've ever had to leave anybody anywhere, but it is the truth. Potential sellers need to know! D:

I sold her two wigs, and she paid very promptly. However, when those wigs didn't arrive immediately, she began hounding me. And hounding me. And hounding me - borderline harassment. Keep in mind, she is in the US, and I am in Canada - they have a border to get through.

I understand that she has been scammed before, and therefore is a bit wary...but I have no negative feedback, no neutrals. I responded to every PM and e-mail that she sent me, have been active in posting in various dolly communities, and have received several positive feedbacks from other transactions going on in the meantime. I haven't disappeared, so there was no real reason for this behavior.


I told her from the very first time she contacted me about them not arriving in a week - if they didn't arrive period, I would absolutely claim the insurance for her. Yes, I did send them by an insured means. However, it isn't possible to claim this until 90? days have passed from the date of mailing, since it is international. She continued to guilt me about how her dollies were bald, she saw other wigs that she wanted to buy but didn't want to if the ones I "sent" would arrive, etc - basically insinuating that I should refund her out of my own pocket.

Anyhow, they finally arrived - it took about 5 weeks. I have 8 PMs and a couple of e-mails from her, in this time, regarding to where the wigs are and such.

Moral of this story - unless you use express mail, or are within the same city as her, be wary of selling to her. She is a nice person, and pays promptly, but is overlyOVERLY paranoid about getting scammed again. This whole experience really stressed me out, to the point where I'm considering stopping selling dolly things. It just isn't worth it, if this is going to happen to genuine, honest sellers. >_<

Again, I absolutely HATE that I'm having to leave anything but a positive, but I can't lie and watch something similar happen to another seller. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry daisyannesmile, but your feedback thread cannot be deleted. Marryth was very honest and explanatory about why she left a neutral, which is the point of even having a place for feedback in this forum. It would be dishonest to any and all potential buyers to delete feedback that has already been given.
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I wanted to add that I've had daisyanne buy from me twice and she's absolutely lovely to work with. She is VERY prompt with her payment and lets me know as soon as the items arrive.
I bought a Pullip [Raphia] and a Pullip's wig from her.
She's such a cute, nice and quick seller....that I intend to buy many other things with her!
She's also very patient, sweet and she solved all my hundreds doubts about shippment and other stuff.
Sometimes, I even forget that we [still] didn't meet in "real life" and that we live so far away from each other.
I simply love buying with her.
That's why I highly recommend her as an excellent seller!

+1 as a seller! Super good communication and Lan Ake was shipped out very fast!

23 Pullips, 4 Dals, 1 Byul, 4 Taeyangs, 2 Isuls at home! Happy

Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/bee_couture/

My Feedback: http://forums.dollymarket.net/showthread.php?tid=540001

+1 as a buyer. Extremely nice to deal with & prompt payment! thanks so much

I cant believe i got these shoes so fast. i love this persons services. - i will do business with again
+1 s a buyer, she is so nice and so polite, and I loved sending my beloved LPS to her, knowing they would be going to such a great person!

+1 as a seller. :3 The outfits are sooo cute! Thank you so much!
+1 as a seller.
Good communication, quick shipping, items in good condition. I´m very happy with the transaction overall.
Thanks a lot!
+1 as a seller. Sold me part of Greggia's stock and dark green/purple cool cat eye chips. She was really sweet to work with and I love the items I got from her. Thanks so much.
+1 as a buyer! Perfect transaction this time around - couldn't ask for more.

smile Thanks!
+1 as a seller
My girl's eye chips came in very fast and they are just what I was looking for. I think there going to look awwsum when I get them on my girl. Thank you so much.She's very nice answering all messages I sent her. Had great time with seller would very much do work with her again. :-)
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I did a trade with this seller and it was EXCELLENT! <3 daisyannesmiles is unreal to deal with !!!

It was both our first trade so we worked together and it all came too!_


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