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Yay for feedback!

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eBay: Ftwwarnerve (100% positive)

-Deana smile
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Want: Clarity or Nero's eyechips!
+1 Fantastic Buyer. A real pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for buying from me. *hugs* :kissy:
Traggy is awesome!
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Stock wanted - Blythe Cousin Olivia blouse and corset, Angelic Pretty Dal, Momoko Sweet Poodle
Items wanted - Girl Ciel boots, Pirate Dal's boots
Clicky for bigger WANTLIST!

Ruled by one Kenner blythe....
lol...if I gave her positive feedback for every Trade/Sale we'd ever done...I'd run out of numbers!

+Infinity! lol
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+3 for buying 3 wigs from me!!! Very fast pay and super great communication! Thanks again!
current family~
<3 mini moon, mercu, lrrh, arietta, mini swan, bnp, souseiseki, celsiy, dita, bouquet, froggy, sebastian, grell & xiao fan<3

Feedback FLICKr

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+1 as an awesome trader! very very friendly, and fast shipping!

<3<3 MC.
Great buyer! hope Raphia will find a good home with you
+1 Overall great transaction. smile

Gah if I could give her an extra point I would! She has posted photos of her dolly in the hoodie and socks set and offered to let me use the photos as well. ^.^ -hugs-
+1 for a super smooth trade and good packaging and quick shipping!
+1 as a seller!
Super nice and friendly~
Shipped super fast too!
Thanks for the awesome wig! I would definately do buisness with you again! <3
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+1 for a great seller. Super nice and friendly. Love the wigs. : )
+1 as a seller
Great comunication, gave me more pictures and was send here very quick
+1 for a succesful trade... her Hangry for my Raphia... Hangry arrived well packaged with lots of goodies

thanks! <3
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+1 for an awesome trade!
+1 from a very happy customer. <3 Doll came as picture, cuter really! She even sent a couple outfits!! As an added bonus she's fun to chat with. :sp 3:

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