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+1 I bought obitsu hands and they arrived in perfect order thanks smile
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Thank you very much for the fast shipping, the great doll the perfect contact

1+ as seller
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+1 for my beautiful Fanatica. Worth the wait! Very patient seller who allowed me a 2-part payment plan. Thanks a lot~
+1 as a seller~
+1 as a seller.

Purchased Rida from her, she's beautiful and arrived safely.

Great communication and very friendly!

+1 as a seller. Great communication and fast shipping. Thanks so much! smile
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+2 as a Seller.

Easy transaction, all around. She let me adopt a beautiful Annie Shirley... and she sent her so quickly and safely too!!

Thanks again!
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+1 as seller!
very patient, good communication, totally recommended! thank you :3
+1 as a seller. I bought Arion from her, and he arrived in great condition. Was missing an armband, but she found and sent it. =D
+1 as a seller.
Wonderful to do business with! Friendly and professional, plus the wig arrived quickly and in really great condition. Thank you so much!
+1 as a seller! smile

She gave me freebies for the delayed shipping, and she made sure Lexus is in a good condition. Thank you!
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+1 as a seller

I bought Sooni from Morsel and got such a load of cute extras, not to mention a beautiful girl smile She packaged really well and it got from Texas to Sydney in 4 days, a

thankyou again!
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