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Rain_clouds Feedback
#1 here I guess

+1 for being a great buyer. Fast payment. She bought a Red fur wig from me. Thanks!^^
+1 for buying some acrylic eyes from me, paid quickly and kept me up to date smile
+1 from me! Fast payment, great communication~
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+1 as a seller! Friendly, fast shipping, and easy to work with! Thanks so much. :-)
+1 Fabulous split! Thank you!
+1 as a seller!
Fast shipping!
Thanks <img src=" />
+1 as seller!
Very friendly, fast communication! Love the stands & hat! The hat looks great on my Taeyangs!
Thank you!
+1 for being a great seller

fast replies, really friendly and I would definitely buy from again~
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Dunneh. Get yours at
Wig finally came!
+3! Fast shipping! Low prices! Very nice to ask questions about her products!
also buy my dolls
#1 as a seller - love the wig!
+1 for purchasing a fur wig from me!
[Image: kimogirlssig1_zps3fac5dd8.png]
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-1 for selling a doll to me.
Problems were almost right from the start. It was her first time selling a doll, but for the mistakes she made, it became unnacceptable fast.

So I'll list my pro's and con's:

1) communication was fast
2) the doll was packed well
3) when the doll did finally ship, it arrived on the day estimated.
4) (review con 7) my shipping money was refunded in a timely manner. And my full shipping cost was refunded instead of just what was owed. (this was after I sent an email to the paypal account, which belonged to her parent. Though I did not hear back from the parent to confirm that the email was read and that's why I got the reply. It could have been Rain_clouds just talking them)

1) I wasn't informed till later that she was relying on a parent for paypal and shipping her doll
2) shipping was slow (purchased her on thursday, and she wasn't shipped till the following wednesday)
3) seller promised my item would be shipping monday or tuesday when it was shipped wednesday
4) I specifically paid for Priority shipping with Delivery Confirmation And insurance and I didn't get it. (6/5, I realized that the box isn't even marked priority! The doll was shipped first class)
5) when I asked for my confirmation number, she stated that /her parent/ forgot to put it on at the post office, and that it wasn't her fault. (I personally hold the seller responsible for everything. Pointing fingers is not a game I play. Hence the reason I only deal with one person)
6) when my box arrived today, there is no sticker for insurance either. The seller LIED TO ME about insurance my package.
7) I offered to pay 10$ for priority shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation. I request a refund when shipping ended up only costing her 2.52. She denied to refund because "she spent the money on lunch" ...The shipping money... (This was resolved: see pro 4)
8) upon examining the doll, her face is COVERED in the thin silvery scratches that pullips get. I imagine it's from her long dangley stock earrings hitting her face time and time again, but I would have appreciated being informed of this.
[Image: listsig.jpg]
+2 as a seller.
-Items bought/Items received: Two dolls listed as mint with all their stock included in the price. They did not only arrive in perfect condition, as described, but also with their original stands, that I do appreciate a lot!
-Shipping: She stablished a reasonable fee for the shipping but surprisingly the real costs were increased by roughly 5$ that she paid without asking me for the missing money.
-Communication: From the very first moment communication was brilliant. I paid on Sunday (after having a brief chat about the questions I had) and (as she stated) both dolls were shipped on Tuesday, arriving to my house next Monday; not even a week later.
-Overall: So pleased with this transaction.
Suki da yo!:3

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