Aeracura's Feedback
Please feel free to leave honest feedback here for any transactions with me.

I also have feedback at the MLP Arena and the MLPTP under the same name. I have feedback on eBay as tehdchan as well.
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+1 as an awesome buyer, fast pay and easy to deal with!
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Feedback FLICKr

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+1 as a seller. smile Obitsu hands came quickly and in good condition. Recommended! smile ++
+1 as seller

Had a great transaction. Easy to work with, very helpful, and quick shipping! Thanks for everything!
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+1 for an awesome sale

sold me some wigs and I love them to bits - its like they were made for my dolls ^^
+1 as a seller

Prunella is beautiful and I couldn't be happier with her!
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+1 as a seller of wigs, so pleasant to buy from! Thanks!

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+1 as a seller. Bought a custom from Aera. She's lovely, and was shipped fast. Seller was friendly and great to deal with. Thank you!
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