Taquito - King's Feedback Thread
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Umm soo any feedback peoplle wanna give me, stick it here.
I don't have feedback from anywhere else as I'm not old enough to have an ebay account etc. <img src=" />
But My Dad does help with anything that needs selling or buying and he has good feedback.
<img src=" />
+1 Buyer
Wonderful, smooth transaction! I hope you enjoy Frara <3
No longer a collector.
I only check here every few days if you need to contact me. Also same name on DoA which may be faster.
My Dolly Market Feedback
+1 seller. smile Bought Cream, a custom Pullip, from them and she arrived safely and with some lovely extras! Many thanks! <3
+1 as seller.... Jelly arrived safely and is lovely! Many thankssmile
+1 as a great buyer.

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