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About your dolly couple: they look so happy together, I loved their pics.
Your girl looks beautiful!!!
Ohh, and I'm sorry about your rat, those pics have really moved me. sad
[Image: mamorutaeyang.jpg][Image: mipullipchill2.jpg][Image: Deckardphp.png][Image: Sutekphp.png]
[Mamoru].........[No name] ..... [Deckard].........[Sutek]

Jen ¢¾, PBnJ, lvielle, Rakel_mai > Thank you SO MUCH! Your comments means a lot to me, thank you <3

kerrarr > Yeah I tried to treat the girl right and now I've got no money left ahahahah, this is the Pullip curse! Anyway thanks for your comment!

amethist > Thank you about the happy bit, I'm trying to make them a "credible" couple even if they're only plastic, so that's why this part of your comment made me happy! But your comment in general was really lovely and thank you about my rat, it's been more than a month since she left and I still miss her terribly... Anyway, that's what life is about I suppose...

So bring on the pics, they were all taken for a contest!

Most Otaku contest from here

My first attempt at building some kind of room, errrr I'm not pleased with it at all but I guess I have to practise and buy some more re-ments and make furnitures and stuff to get better at it!

I chose to submit this one: Posted Image

Here are some other ones:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
I made the books and my BFF made me the 7"s as Xmas presents for my dolls <img src=" />

Musical doll for PullipLand (french board)

The pics illustrate the lyrics to a french song in which a guy who used to be tough gets totally dominated by a girl who fascinates him. I got at the 5th place!

Pic submitted (no editing was allowed): Posted Image

And the other ones!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Amethist , they don't look as happy as they used to be aye? <img src=" />

What's your clothing style? for DollUP a french blog

I had quite a hard time with this one cause I don't even know myself if my girl likes to dress up girly with lace and stuff, or casual, or punkish... So I sent a quite messy entry, but I passed for the 2nd round!

Here is what I submitted: Posted Image

And the others:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks for looking, that was quite a lot of photos! <img src=" />
Hiya! Here I go for other old pics for contests!


(you got the round 1 just above this post), now it's up to rounds 2 & 3!

Round 2: Where does your doll spend most of her time?

Well Lancaster was supposed to be a lazy couch potato, so I made her a couch but you can barely see it in the pic lol <img src=" />
Posted Image

Round 3: What's your doll's dark side?

I think a psychopath lives in my house. I dunno. How would I know? <img src=" />
Posted Image

I got 3rd at this competition <img src=" />


Another french competition between several boards with more than 100 person to entry!

Round 1: What does your doll stand for?

Lancaster doesn't want to see skinny bodies in ads anymore, hence she writes a letter to protest!

Posted Image

Round 2: Green hand

Instead of painting my doll's hands in green, I made her a writter posing for an autograph session for her new book Main verte (green hand in French ^^).
Posted Image

Round 3: Your doll goes mad

And yeah Lancaster went so mad she twisted her boyfriend's mind until he wanted to hung himself and she murdered him by pushing the chair. But the photo was a bit too dark and rubbish so I didn't make it any further in the competition!
Posted Image


We were totally free for this photo exept it had to be taken in a landscape orientation (sorry don't really know how to say it in English :sp 2: hope you got what I meant), we had to leave a white inch around the photo, and it had to feature a fan!
Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed some of them, next time I'll put pics up, my dolls won't have the same face anymore, I customized them the day before yesterday ^^

I love Lancaster! She is so beautiful in anything you put her in!
I love the round 1 in Cosmopullips! The pullip-tablet ad is a very nice touch. <3
Thanks a lot Heart
Your pictures are so beautiful! <3
My Dolly Family: Lorraine (Cornice), Sadie (Greggia), Blanche (Lilith)

Thank youuu! yay
You take really amazing photos! I can see why you've done so well in photo competitions! I hope you will consider submitting photos for the photo section of Ningyou's 1st issue smile
Thanks a lot, but I'd better not, it's a paradox but I'd be too shy for that Sweatdrop
So I went to Paris on Nov 17th for my birthday because Muse ma fav band were giving a gig over there.
The day after that, my best mate who came with me and I visited Montmartre, a beautiful and arty and peaceful place in Paris for the afternoon. As there was many things to see and all, I didn't take as many photos as I wanted, photos of my Pullip included.
The 3 posted underneath are the only one I took (and my best mate was ashamed when taking the 2 first one cause the place was crowded, she couldn't stop begging me to go and was grabbing me by the elbow...), but I wanted to share with you anyway!

[Image: paris1.jpg]

[Image: paris2.jpg]

[Image: paris3.jpg]

Thanks for your time! ♥
So here we go, I got a bit distant with my dolls even if I got a new member in my family, Muse's Matt Bellamy custom, but when I had to take pics for the Christmas swap on a french board, this reminded me how much I adore my dollies and taking pictures of them!

It's nothing too special, just random photos, I hope you'll enjoy them a bit anyway!

Yay for sweets!
[Image: swap_hiver2010_02.jpg]
[Image: swap_hiver2010_03.jpg]

Everything they had for the swap (scarf and hat, white skinny trousers and matching white shoes, mic on stand):
[Image: swaphiver2010a.jpg]

The newcomer:
[Image: swaphiver2010b.jpg]
[Image: swaphiver2010c.jpg]

"I am defo not impressed!"
[Image: swaphiver2010d.jpg]

Random portraits...
[Image: swaphiver2010e.jpg]
[Image: swaphiver2010f.jpg]
[Image: swaphiver2010g.jpg]
[Image: swaphiver2010h.jpg]

Thanks for watching Heart
oh the pics with you rat are so sweet and touching! great that she's doing better now
Actually that's a long shot now, the poor darling died in February 2009 Innocent But anyway thanks for your comment *hug*

So another photo for a contest whose theme was FLOWERS *yawns*
[Image: mangazur2010.jpg]

L♥ve is in the air

And now a photoshoot I took today, I was in a rather romantic mood I guess Dead (blame it on that being in love state meh)!

It all started nicely with sweets and tea...

[Image: 24052010-01.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-02.jpg]

But then the tickles kicked in!

[Image: 24052010-03.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-04.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-05.jpg]

And you know what happens in those cases...

[Image: 24052010-06.jpg]

But there's no surrender and the gentle fight goes on...

[Image: 24052010-07.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-08.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-09.jpg]

And then it suddently stops.

[Image: 24052010-10.jpg]

And the lovers are reunited.

[Image: 24052010-11.jpg]

Tenderness above all...

[Image: 24052010-12.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-13.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-14.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-15.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-16.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-17.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-18.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-19.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-20.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-21.jpg]

[Image: 24052010-22.jpg]

Thanks for watching <3
Wow, your last Love is in the Air shoot is just gorgeous - they're a fantastic couple and so sweet together. I love Lancaster's content little smile just before MJ kisses her <3
Just looked at your amazing pictures. Lancaster is very beautiful; my favorite shots are all the ones where your dolls are outside--at the beach, in the grass. Thanks for sharing your awesome shots!
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