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Your photoshoots are just to die for, I really enjoyed looking at each and every photo! Stunning.
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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Lancaster is so cuuute!

(Ok, I'm leaving ==> [])

As said on Pullip Land, really like your pictures, and I miiiiss you Lo!
All of your pictures are awesome! I especially like the one of her as a psychopath with the corpse.
Wow!! I love Lancaster's style <3 Your photo's are really gorgeous!

So sorry to hear you lost your ratty, they are so hard to lose.

Thanks you all from the bottom of my heart you're adorable Heart 2

And cheers Lilcurly I guess by seeing your avy you know how empty we feel when we loose those little treasures.

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