Christmas Dolls 2008 - Post The Dolls You Got Here
If you got any dolls for presents post there pictures here.

I will post mine once she arrives.
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The Blythe is just visiting -- She's my friend Alisa's doll. My boyfriend got me my first two DAL dolls! I named them Junko ("june-ko"wink and Sophia Monkia. He got them the Christmas tree too!
I got an Aquel for Christmas! Her name is Lynette~ I just love her so much ^^

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these are terrible pictures, but i got these 3 for christmas:

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Magical Pink Chan, her name is Ciara (key-are-ah).

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Celsiy, named Cadence. & Hangry, named Jessie.

Yay! I get to show off my new doll! My husband gave me this doll. I'd given him a list of five dolls I wanted and told him to choose from among the five (you have to guide spouses sometimes). He got me a My Melody! I'm crazy in love with her. This is her right-out-of-the-box picture. The others on the list had been Adsiltia, Stica, Veritas and Rida.

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I bought myself Bianca for Christmas!

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<3 <3 <3
Here is the doll my boyfriend offered my for Christmas. Her name is Gabrielle and she's a Craziia, a long time dream doll :

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I'll be getting an Adsiltia very soon too ^^
i got this 2 pink cuties for christamass

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i hope its not too late to post this.
<img src=" />

anyway, here's my christmas doll, thanks to my loving boyfriend.

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oh! such lovely girls for Christmas!!

I had one under the tree


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[Image: dollies-1.gif]
I got myself Chill for chistmas...along with some new outfits for her:

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My daughter got a doll for Christmas. It was a Tweety Dal.
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I bought a Monomono Dal with some of my Christmas money.
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I just found this thread!
I got four dolls for Christmas!
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(A bad pic, I know)
Sol- from my boyfriend
Hangry- from my older sis
Butler- from my boyfriend's grandmother
My Melody- from my mother
Thats Ally, my first Dal. She was a present from me to me. n______n

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I like you Ally,she is very cute.Nice dress.

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