Feedback For Kochan
+1 as a seller (so sorry for the late feedback)

I bought 2 dresses from Kochan and as always they were shipped immediately, priced REALLY well and beautiful.
Even when Paypal & my bank conspired against me to cause a delay in payment, Kochan was understanding & gracious. Highly recommended smile
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Transaction: Sell/Buy
Item: Peter Pan, Lucia, Hello Little Girl!, 3 clone dolls, 8 pairs of mj shoes
Date: March
Your Location: Italy

Comment: +1 as a seller or a well deserved +10 since she's so sweet, friendly and understanding, very accurate in managing my order in any detail. A big thank you! smile
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LOOKING FOR: nudeAlberich, Alberich eyechips, nude Asuka, nude Sol, nude Rayne, MIB or NRFB Lala, Suiseiseki & Souseiseki stock wigs, cheap Filato stock wig, MIB or NRFB Another Queen, nude AQ, nude Chelsea, nude Naomi, nude Haute LA, any Pullip head, any bloomers or petticoat or apron.
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Transaction: Sell
Item: Souseiseki head
Date: 06/13/2012
Your Location: Spain

Comment: +1 As an excellent seller. Head came perfect and very well packaged. Fast shipping, and great communication . Pleasure doing business with her. Happy

Transaction: Buy
Item: Pullip type 4 bodies
Date: 18/06/2012
Your Location: Singapore

Comment: +1 as a great buyer. Good communication and fast payment.
Transaction: Buyer
Item: Dal Colline Stock
Date: Mid-June 2012
Your Location: United States

Comment: +1 as a buyer. Great communication, fast payment, VERY good buyer! I would recommend!
+1 for a great trader

traded some dollie clothing for a Pullip head - i love it ^^ great shipping and as always a pleasure to do business with
+1 as a buyer, extremely patient when I couldn't get the doll shipped out for a while. A pleasure to work with.
+1 as a trade partner.

I traded her Regeneration Fanatica's stock for a pullip head. Transaction went very smooth. Thanks so much.
+1 Trade smile
I received a lovely Alice Du Jardin from Kochan in a trade. She is just as decribed, traveled very well packed and arrived very quicky. I'm very pleased with this trade and would gladly do it again yay
Thank you.
+1 as a seller - or maybe that should be plus eleven?? Kochan definitely deserves a +11! grin

I bought three Blythe stock outfits and 8 pairs of shoes from Kochan who was incredibly lovely, kind, sweet and patient! Truly lovely to deal with, would buy from her again without hesitation - thank you very very much!!! grin
+1 for a great sale

sold me a few mini bodies and the mlp Merry Treat - great communication and as always a pleasure to work with yay
+1 for a more than perfect sell!
I bought some Bubble Belles. Knowing I liked mermaids, Kochan included some mer-bonuses! ^-^
Awesome buyer! Fast payment and great communication.
+1 as a buyer. I sold Kochan some Monster High dolls; it was a perfect transaction all the way around. Thanks again!
+ Positive as seller
I bought a dal puki from her, everything was perfect! Thank you ~

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