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Transaction: Split!
Item: Isul Apollo (doll, I kept the outfit)
Date: October 2012
Your Location: USA

I did a split for Apollo with her! She sent her payment earlier than expected, and didn't mind paying an extra couple dollars for shipping. Apollo fortunately arrived quickly so it was worth it. wink Thank you so much!!
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+1 as a split partner!!

Kochan is an amazing split partner! She paid for her stock bit right away and let me know as soon as it arrived! Couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction! smile
I sold a Monster High Frankie to Kochan. She made a fast payment and was a pleasure to work with. Would do business with again.
Transaction: Sale
Item: MH Abbey, Torelai, and CAM werecat
Date: late NOV
Your Location: Illinois, USA

Transaction: Shopping Service
Item: two CAM packs
Date: late NOV
Your Location: Illinois, USA

Comment: +2 grin Kochan is the best!! I love working with her because communication is stellar, and she is very patient and kind. Thank you for another great transaction grin
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Transaction: Split partner
Item: Madoka & 6th Anniversary Jouet (dolls)
Date: early December
Your Location: California, USA

Comment: +2 as an awesome split partner. We did a split for Madoka and 6th Anniversary Jouet, I get stock and she dolls. Kochan has great communication and prompt payment. She's also so sweet! I would love to do a split with her again. Thank you!
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Transaction: Me (buyer)/Kochan (seller)
Date: 21/11/2012
Your Location: Spain

Comment: I bought 2x Monster High outfits + 2x My Little Ponies. Excellent transaction! Very nice seller (it is the second time I buy from kochan), good communication, nice packaging. Highly recommendable smile
+2 for two awesome transactions

helped her find a few Monster High dolls - didnt mind paying the crazy TRU prices - and i bought Merry Treat from her (and something else although i cant remember) - great communication and as always a pleasure to work with ^^
Transaction: Sell
Item: Taeyang Body
Date: December 2012
Your Location: Argentina

Comment: +1 Excellent seller!! highly recommendable!! thank you again!!! <3
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Positive feedback

Transaction: Sell/Trade etc
Item: 7 Pullip Promo Items
Date: 1-6-13
Your Location: Brooklyn, NY USA

Wonderful transaction, I am happy with my Pullip Items smile
Transaction: I bought a doll
Item: Pullip Banshee (complete)
Date: 2013-01-05, the doll arrived 2013-01-21
Your Location: Spain

Comment: Very Friendly and very informative, much pleasure doing business with. The pullip has arrived in perfect condition, very well protected, 100x100 recommended
Transaction: bought an Isul from her
Item: Isul Midnight Deja Vu
Date: January 2013
Your Location: Ontario, Canada

kochan is a fantastic seller! Very friendly and wonderful to deal with. Shipped quickly & packed well. Thanks so much!
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Transaction: +1 as a buyer!
Item: Nefera, GB Lala, DT Lala, CAM Sea Monster, CAM Vampire Girl
Date: December 2012
Your Location: New York, U.S.A.

A perfect transaction, thank you!
+1 as a seller!!

Another wonderful transaction with Kochan! I adopted her lovely Shinku (Kun Kun ver) who arrived super fast, excellently packaged and in absolutely gorgeous condition. Thanks again <3
+1 As a Split Partner!

Kochan held a split and I received the stock outfit. She was super quick and WONDERFUL to deal with. She's super sweet!
Thank you so much! =D
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+1 as a seller

kochan is a perfect seller ! Honest, friendly, fast with communication & postage, fair prices. I love my Kleine, thanks again smile
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