Myufish's Feedback
Positive - 80<3

Neutral - 0

Negative - 0

:sp 2:
^__^ +1 as a buyer~!!

Paid in cash via the mail. Cash arrived well hidden and well packed with an extra treat for me (yay for Pocky~!wink.
She also promptly let me know the moment Rot Chan arrived~!

I would deal with her again, and I definitely recommend her as a buyer yay
+1 for an awesome transation. thanks@
+1 for another awesome transaction yay
Purchased my Hangry in Cash. Money got here very safe and sound; let me know as soon as Hangry arrived. yay

If I get any more Dal's I'll let you know ;DD
+1 as a buyer - bought Nina's eyechips from me and her Dal looks so great in them - a pleasure to do business with
+1 as a buyer, thanks again!
+1 - she made my mini a dress and i love it! - shes so good at what she does grin
+ 1 for the most amazing trade ever, she made me exactly the dress I always wanted for my Neo Noir, I seriously can't explain how PERFECT she made the dress, seriously my most favorite dress ever!

And I love the other clothes you sent me too, thank you SOOO much!!!
<3 <3 <3
+1 Positive for fast payment via cash and great friendly communication!
+2 myufish purchased some items from me for a friend of hers. She paid with a postal money order that arrived quickly and she let me know where to send the items to, and then let me know that they arrived safe and sound. Overall a great transaction and a pleasure to work with! Thank you!
+ 1 for the most amazing girl ever <3

She made me wings for my Pullip and they are SO perfectly made, Myfish is so talented and one of the nicest person I've ever spoken to, thank you SO much for everything you're fantastic <3
+1 -Super Sweet buyer! Would do buisness with again!
+1 buyer! Instant payment, great communication, extremely nice person =) Thanks again!
+1 Positive

An AMAZING experience! I have the 2nd Pullip stand I needed now!
+1 for a great customizer!

took a bait head and turned her into my Ariel - i love her completly - i'll post pictures as soon as i get her wig yay

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