Myufish's Feedback
+2 I sent two of my dolls faceplates in for faceups. They both came out beautifully.
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She gave my previously customized Squall a new faceup and she came out wonderful. She was returned to me carefully packaged and it was even wrapped in cute paper. Thanks, so much, for breathing new life into her.
After I ruined my little Dal, myufish turned her into an adorable kitty. She sent me photos of her progress and shipped the doll head in a nice package. She also charged exactly what she said at the beginning. I am very happy with the progress and the result smile thank you
Amazing work! Commissioned her to do a faceup and I am flabbergasted with how perfect and spot on she got my request! +1 for Positive grin
+2 for a great buyer! Thank you! (sold 2 dolls)
+2 face ups. She is very kind and careful. Not only I love my new dolls but also I like communicate with her. Thank you for my perfect girls!
Myufish did a custom MIO Pullip for me, and two partial customs on other dolls. Beautiful work, and a pleasure to deal with.
+3 for Myu!!! Wonderful work as always! painted my Ringdoll BJD's face as well as my Aileendoll Lapis and was able to re-seal my Sfoglia's face!! grin grin grin <3
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+1 as a buyer. Thanks for buying the doll clothes! smile
Myufish worked on three dolls for me, and they all look amazing! Communication was great throughout. Thanks so much!

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