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+1! Excellent buyer! Paid for items via concealed cash, and everything went perfectly great. Great communication. Would definitely do business with again. :]
did a trade and the item was well packaged and arrived in great time
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Leaving the hobby soon T-T dolls in need of a good loving home
+1 from me! Fast payment, awesome communication~
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+1 positive, received the clips and love them. thanks!
+1 seller thanks!
+1 as a buyer! Great communication, very friendly person, and prompt payment. A pleasure to deal with! <3
+1 as a seller!
She sold me an Obitsu body, and it came well-packaged and really fast too. She's really friendly as well. Thank you!
+1 - Great product! Fast shipping. Awesome communication. yay Thank you so much! Hope to trade with you again sometime!
+1 as a seller - bought Zuoras eyechips from her and they are perfect - fast shipping - and was a pleasure to do business with smile
+1 for great trader! Traded partial Zuora's stock for sugarmag dress. Thanks again! I love it!
big +1 from me for being so super kind ! This had been the fastest shipping ever x) + the package and message had been so cute and the stock was all i could have wished for <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH ! <img src=" />
+1! was a tiny mishap w/ my items, but it was fixed in no time. extremely polite seller smile Thank you again! grin
+1 buyer
commissioned: Skinny Jeans
Excellent communication! She had me giggling with each message and made super fast payment!
+1 for an incredible trade! I created a custom sweater for her and in return Phlimey receive all sorts of beautifully packaged goodies. She's a real sweetie, very fun to talk with. =D

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