^ Not very much right now, I'm afraid. For whatever reason, her price has been slowly declining on eBay over the past several months. A NRFB dent box Chicca sold just a few days ago for $36 + $30 shipping. Based on recent historical eBay sales, an out-of-box Chicca in good condition with partial stock looks like she's currently going for $40-50 + nominal shipping fee (~$10).

Of course, the price you can get for her depends on how many Chiccas are available and how desperate buyers are to get her. At this very moment, there are zero out-of-box Chiccas available on eBay, and the cheapest NRFB one is $180; so you *might* be able to get $80-100 for your girl, assuming there's a buyer willing to pay that. But a more realistic price, given the condition you've stated, is probably $40-50, especially if you're planning on listing her privately (like on DM, LJ, etc.). I hope that helps!

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