Cassie - Pullip Hello Kitty; New cupcake dress photos!
Cassie's aunt Birgit recently gifted her a new panda hat.
Here she's showing it off along with her new wig.

[Image: 3317634838_37d67f3f54.jpg]
[Image: 3316810793_420baf999d.jpg]
[Image: 3316811177_c92d2aa4a5.jpg]
I usually don't bond with HK, mostly because of their stock and the whole pink/over cuteness thing, but with only a wig change you proved me HK are fantastic girls! Her wig is awesome and suits her very much.
oh wow thank you! smile
Cassie is gorgeous! I love her wig. smile
oh thank you so much kadepie!
I was a little unsure about the wig's style - its a little unruly. I'm going to try and read up to learn how to condition a curled wig. If you know any tips or good resource, please let me know! grin
she's really cute.
I also like her hair
shes gorgeous i love that wig! beautiful :]
^^ thank you both!
She´s gorgeous. I love her wig
Thank you! smile
[Image: 3499649310_8ab67d8bf2.jpg]

Cassie thinks she wants to be a model when she grows up. She's been inspired by several different kimono models.

The kimono is custom designed and sewn by Ann of Bouquet of Stitches. The kimono is made from a cream brocade adorned with cherry blossoms and bamboo leaves. The belts were made by Jen.

(To see the series of this photoshoot, please visit my flickr account.)
Her wig looks really good on her!
I agree about the wig! My HK also has a different wig. I've never liked the original wig that much.
The kimono picture is gorgeous- she definately looks like a model smile
My feedback is here!

I wish for...
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She's very stunning, I love that wig on her too! :sp 2: I agree she looks like a model!

Elicia's waiting for me to make her a nice outfit like that <img src=" /> She wants to be an actress/model, but I haven't done a proper shoot for her yet <img src=" />
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