New Eyechips on any Pullip
If a Pullip is being sold with different eyechips does that add onto her value? Assuming the original owner did a nice job?

I was just curious because adding on the eyechips is extra expense and labor that was put into the doll and I wasn't sure if that should be reflected in the sell price.

I'm not sure if it adds to a Pullip's value.. I sold my Asuka who had been rechipped in purple CoolCat eyechips for about as much as I spent on her, wig, Obitsu, and all.. smile
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It would depend on the doll, really. Some dolls their value would remain static, some the value might increase (marginally), and with others, the value will then decrease. Overall, it might add $2-3 onto the sell price of the doll (depending on the doll), but I personally wouldn't pay extra if someone had rechipped the doll...

I think for the most part that most people probably prefer the stock chips to start, and would rather rechip the dolls themselves later on; that way, they can choose what colour/style of eyechip they get. Hope that helps <img src=" />
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very helpful!
Personally, I feel it detracts from the price- I want a mint, uncustomized doll, though.
Mar 13 2009, 07:12 PM
Personally, I feel it detracts from the price- I want a mint, uncustomized doll, though.
I agree on this one, I think that a doll would sell better with her original eyes.
On most dolls, if they are being sold nude then it doesn't have any effect on the price, full stock or mib it might detract a little smile

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