I'm thinking seriously of putting up my Uncanricky (nude) for trade. She came to me in mint condition in her box and with her card. Since being with me she just hasn't gotten much love and hasn't been modified in any way. Although I took her wig off once and then glued it back on.

Just curious how much she goes for. Thanks.
Well, she's worth $95 NRFB from PullipStyle, so if you factor in that she's nude, and hasn't been otherwise modified (notwithstanding the wig removal), I'd say actual monetary worth would be $60~$70 USD. That's just a rough figure, but hopefully it's helpful <img src=" />
I have left the Pullip hobby indefinitely. I no longer receive PMs from the forum, so please email me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks, I appreciate it. :-)
How much for a nude uncanricky, with an awesome pink wig from Zephyr and in stock body?? and with obitsu??
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