MissMandyLynne's Feedback
+1 Seller

Sold me Wind's head. She arrived very quickly and well packed, exactly as described.

Thank you so much for selling her, she's lovely!
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+1 as a buyer.

bought uncan's boots off me, nice fast payment, very nice to deal with & she let me know when the boots arrived smile

+1 Great Seller. Shipped fast and order arrived quickly! Would love to buy from again!
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+1 as a seller. Great communication and fast shipping!!! Thanks so much!!
+1 as a buyer. Great communication and super fast payment!! Thanks so much!!!
+1 as a buyer.
Thank you smile
+1 for participating in the FMD GO. She paid quickly.
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+1 as a seller

Great communication and items were shipped promptly. Thanks! Happy
+1 as a buyer. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you! yay
+1 as a seller!

I bought a nude, bald, chipless Nosferatu that MissMandyLynne kindly sent with a pair of extra pants ^^ and he was even sent with his eyelids closed to cover their chip-less stare, awwww! Thanks MissMandyLynne he was in great condition too smile
+1 as a seller~

Sold me a nikki cat and custom pullip! Gave me a few detail photos right when I asked for them, shipped quickly and both the dollies were packaged nicely. :3 Plus, they both included nice outfits. And of course, she's super nice. x3
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+1 for running the Parabox GO.
+2 as a buyer
(for two separate transactions)

Great buyer who pays promptly! Thanks! Happy
+5 traded Liv doll eyes and I purchased magazines from her all arrived safely.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
+1 for a trade - traded one of my pinky st. dolls for her Jaldet wig. The wig arrived superfast and is in great shape! Thanks!
#1 as a buyer Happy

Super fast payment and amazing person to work with! Thanks so much!

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