MissMandyLynne's Feedback
+1 Positive

Great buyer. Thank you so much!
+1 as a seller. Bought a bait head kind of a while ago ;0 forgot to leave feedback until now~

Kirsche Tiphona
Prunella Custom Joujou

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Prupate; Celsiy; Dotori; Sucre; Chibi Risa; Puki

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+1 as a buyer

MissMandyLynne bought a pair of Monster High doll shoes from me and everything went smoothly. Thanks! smile
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Wanted: Black Angelic Pretty outfit and Harley Quinn's stock FULL WANT LIST
+1 as a seller! Great communication and fast shipping, Thanks!
+1 as a seller.

Lovely, helpful communication, quick shipping, and the eyelashes I bought were packaged so nicely the boxes didn't even dent in shipping. smile Thank you!
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Grails: Edward Scissorhands
Waiting on: None
Item: helped me get some MH dolls: werecats twin, Scaris Rochelle + bought 2 nude Frankies from Mandy
Date: Dec 2012 ~ Jan 2013
My Location: Thailand

Comment: + 1 (but more like 10 to me) as assistance shopper.
Also + 1 as seller for the 2 Frankies.

I'm really grateful that Mandy could help me get so many dolls, since I can't get them in my country>_< Thank you so much~<3

Great communication, and answer all my inquiries in a timely manner. My dolls were well packed and came quite fast for international shipping!
+1 again!

Mandy is a wonderful person to have buy from you. Super patient, understanding, and friendly. Thank you so much!
+1 as a seller

My item arrived quickly and was exactly as described! Thank you! Happy
+1 for a great seller as always! Thanks again, buddy!
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+1 as a buyer, always a pleasure!
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+1 positive as a seller/gifter Tongue

MissMandyLynne was incredibly kind and thoughtful and offered to give me a couple of spare obitsu neck pieces, which I was missing. She was great to communicate with and sent the pegs very quickly. smile
+1 as a seller!

Bought an obitsu and it arrived fast and well packaged. Always a pleasure to do business with MML smile
+1 as a buyer

Mandy bought some clothing items from me. She responded quickly to PMs and was a pleasure to work with. Many thanks smile
+3 as um, a seller I guess? MissMandyLynne managed a group order in which I received 3 items (2 obitsu + a bonus CD), and managed it very well. I received all of my items in good condition, soon after she got them. smile Thanks!
+1 as a buyer! She bought MH Draculaura, some MH torsos, and some Liv wigs from me. Great transaction from start to finish. Thanks again!

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