Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Feedback for redstars
If we've had a transaction, please leave feedback for me here! I will do the same for you. grin

I have over 300 feedback online, I have a post here on my LJ that links to everything. smile
+1 for quick payment on the Dollmore Group Order.
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+1 for awesome trader! We traded a Cinni Dal for a March Bobobie. March is absolutly lovely, and so is redstars. <3
+1 for seller!

Item got lost and got a refund.
Redstars is a very kind, understanding and helpful seller.
Friendly communication.
+1 as a seller. Bought eyechips from her and they were sent & received in great condition!! Thanks so much!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 thank you for the scalp.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
+1 as a Buyer
Purchased Cinnamonroll Dal's wig from me and was great with communication. Thank you so much!
+1 An amazingly patient buyer! Thanks so much! smile
+1 as a buyer! redstars bought some doll stands from me. Communication was great and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer. Super nice and communicative. Would sell to her again smile
+1 as a buyer. Prompt payment, great communication, would highly recommend this buyer. Thanks again!

My Feedback, please leave me some, thanks! <3
+1 as a buyer yay brilliant transaction , Paid quickly and was very pleasant to work with, highly recommend Redstars . Thanks so much yay
+ 1 as a buyer. She bought my Bonita. Communication was great and feedback was swift. Plus, she was really sweet to work with! Would deal with her again!
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+1 for a great transaction, thanks for your purchase!
+1 for being a wonderful buyer. Polite in PMs, immediate payment and thanks so much for letting me know that you received the stock bodies.

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