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I've sold a couple of things on Ebay and Amazon, so I'll post links to them as well.

Positive - 52 (As of July 5th, 2013)
Neutral -
Negative -

Amazon Feedback

Ebay Feedback
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+1 as an awesome buyer!
Great communication and super fast payment~
Mika was a pleasure to deal with <3
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+1 as a buyer. Great communication and very prompt payment. :sp 2:

Comment: Awhile back you bought Mini-Nintendo DS from me. <img src=" /> I'm also glad that you are happy with it. <3
+3 as a buyer yay

Commissioned a hoodie from me. I didn't have the fabric she wanted, but we easily found a substitute that satisfied~
Was definitely easy to work with & I would work with on commission again yay

(other 2 because separately, she bought a pair of shoes and a wig. Paid promptly and everything went great yay)
+1 positive, awesome trade. thanks so much!
+1 positive, patient seller, and friendly =3
+1 as a buyer, very friendly!
+1 for adopting my butler! Great buyer! ^__^
Great buyer! Bought a mystery box from me and the whole transaction was very smooth! Thank you!
+1 for awesome buyer!! Quick payment and awesome communication! I hope you enjoy Ala!!! smile
Purchased items in November from me- nice and easy transaction.
Many thanks and glad you like them yay
+2 for a nice buyer. Bought wigs and clothes from me. Thank you^^
+1 She paid quickly for the wig!
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+1 as a great buyer grin
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+1! Wonderful buyer. Super friendly and paid promptly! Couldn't have asked for an easier transaction. grin
+1 as a buyer, was a pleasure to do business with. ^^ Thanks!
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