Feedback for Chusei_shin
Here is my feedback thread - if you buy or sell with me please leave a little note here

Thank you.

*****bought and sold*****
people I left feedback for but who have not returned feedback are>

Mawi - (I left feedback 11/5/09)
Kanamai (I left fedback 12/06/09)
DeadlyNova (I left feedback 12/06/09)

Need type 4 hand for pullip Lala - or closest colour match
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Ordered >
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+1 for selling me some coolcat chips!

Lovely seller, delivered in no time at all smile

*yay 1st feedback!* ^__^
+1 as a buyer- fast responses and payment, good communication! thanks <3
+1 as a seller

Fast and secure yay
+1 for being a nice buyer. She bought the stock wigs from me second time. Fast payment and good communication. Thank you very much. <3
+1 for selling me Kaela's stock outfit. Packaged beautifully and in minty mint condition. Thankyou!

luv MOP...
+1 as a buyer. Angela bought an Azone outfit from me, and everything went smoothly: quick payment, great communication! Lovely person smile
Thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer

Purchased a NRFB Yuki from me, paid promptly and was a delight throughout the transaction smile Many thanks!

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+1 as a buyer
very friendly, very prompt
PERFECT ^_____^
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+ 1 as a buyer. Friendly and great communications. Prompt payment. Thank you very much ^-^. Fabulous!
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