Harker's feedback
I'll put some links for other forums in my sign later ^^ thanks !

Positive - 23
Neutral - 1 (LOL)
Negative - 1 (JUST BIG LOL)

before being afraid of the neutral and the negative feedback just read the text of the persons that wrote it...it's funny...and please see what I gave them as a feedback too ^^")


Materiel Celeste :

Positive : 85
Neutral : 0
Negative : 0

Pullip Passion :

Positive : 18
Neutral : 0
Negative : 0

Ebay (*mokona*) :

Positive : 94
Neutral : 0
Negative : 0
+1 great buyer, thankyou!
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+1 lovely friendly buyer! <3
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+1 for a great buyer, it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, and she paid right away as promised, as well as letting me know when the doll arrived. I'd be glad to do business with her again!
+1 as a buyer. Good communication and a lovely person to deal with!
+1 as a buyer. Very friendly and great to talk to. Prompt payment and she let me know when the item arrived. HIGHLY recommend! Thankyou!

luv MOP...
+1 - fast payment and friendly communication! wink
+1 positive feedback for an easy, well-communicated transaction! Thanks Claire!
+1 as a buyer, fast payment & great communication!
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+1 as a buyer

very good comunication, fast payment, great person smile
+1 for Myu Myu as a buyer. She is very sweet and easy to work with. Thank you!
+1 again!

Super easy to work with. Incredibly nice. Thank you!
+1 for a nice buyer. She adopt a girl from me. Fast payment and good communication.Thank you very much!^^
+1 for being a nice buyer, thanks for your friendly communication and fast payment. grin
+1 for being a great buyer.
Purchased some eyechips from me. She was polite, paid immediately, let me know when the package reached her and left feedback for me. Couldn't ask for an easier transaction. smile Thank you!
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