My Melody
Hello !

I would like to buy a My Melody nude and bold but the owner told me to propose a price...

It's nearly new and in quite good (or good) conditions.

What would you say ? :s thanks <3
i think that´s all!

i want to know, how much would cost My melody NRFB

thanks for all!!
Are you looking to buy or sell?

You can buy her brand new NRFB on PullipStyle for $120 + shipping.

If you're selling, I'd list her a little bit lower if you want her to go quickly.
i wanted to know as seller, because a friend of mine have bought her yesterday, and now, she isn´t sure about her, and she ask me if she can recover her money, and if it would be easy, and quickly, and things like that..and i don´t really know anything!!...and she has bought her because she love my girl, and i tell her, MM was fabulous, and bought MM this reason,and know she isn´t sure about her ....terrible headache...

so, thanks for the information!
I hope I can post this here~

I just got My Melody, NIB, at a con for $105 CAD ($95 US) and I wanted to know if that's a good price? :O I honestly have no idea.

Thanks in advance!<3
I sold my melody MIB for $110 shipped, so I'd go for about $65-$70 nude + shipping?
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How much should My Melody's stock *only* go for?

I love the's so delicate looking!
I sold mine off for $35 + shipping, but I've seen her stock go for an average of about $40-$45 + shipping. :3
I would say $35-$40 is the average on here for her full stock smile
(01-15-2010, 09:38 AM)obviouszebra Wrote: I would say $35-$40 is the average on here for her full stock smile

As opposed to the evil Ebay, where it's $65-70!

Can someone give me an idea on price for My Melody please? She's had her wig removed (but it's in perfect condition) and comes with all her stock - I don't think I've even undressed her. I hate to sell but I need the pennies!
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If you do decide to sell her nude and bald, I'm interested!! grin Have no idea on price check though. >.<
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Here's what I've seen:

Ebay: NRFB $75 -- $120 plus shipping

PullipStyle: Previously $120, now on sale for $99

That's all I can remember!

But if you plan to sell the stock, let me know!!! I'm interested!
whats the going rate for My Melody.

On original body, wig never removed, eye chips intact. Boxed with stand - nude


On original body, wig never removed, eye chips intact. Boxed with stand and complete with all stock

thank you
Need type 4 hand for pullip Lala - or closest colour match
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I sold mine NRFB for $100.
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