Feed back for star
Positive- 4! Thank you <3
Neutral- 0
Negative- 0
+1 as a seller. Bought My Melody from her & received the doll super fast in amazing packaging, thank you so much!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 for selling me a Pullip Naomi

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥
- the doll is just like she was described (and even more gorgeous than on photo :3)
- seller kept me updated all the way, and was patient as we worked out the details
- last but not least, packaging was perfectly secure and my doll arrived safe and sound
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+1 for shea! Thanks for my 2nd Tae...Lead!
he's perfect. SHipping was fast and great communication.

dal :0)
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+1 as a buyer! The wig was payed for quickly and Shea is very kind (:
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Neutral feedback:
I bought a bait head from Star. The transaction was nice and though there was a slight hitch with buying extras she no longer had (I was refunded), everything was absolutely fine until it came to shipping.
I was told the item would be shipped the next day and she would send me a delivery confirmation number. I heard nothing for a few days so I contacted her. She hadn't shipped my head out.
Again, I was told tomorrow. And again nothing until I pm'd her and once again the head hadn't been shipped.
When the head finally shipped (courtesy of her mum) I didn't get any sort of confirmation number. The shipping was apparently too much.
I assume that because her mum posted it and not herself, she couldn't even tell me the estimated delivery (e.g approx. 14 days) and didn't seem at all bothered that she couldn't even tell me that.

I'm really disappointed. What started off so well, swiftly became a transaction I wish I hadn't bothered with. All that was needed to make this a positive feedback would have been a pm from her every time she failed to ship and an estimated time of delivery. Not a smiley face when she couldn't.

The head finally arrived today, the 23rd of June in a box that could have fitted at least 6 heads in there, not just the 1.

I'd buy again but only under the absolute promise that communication is upheld even when things don't go right.
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