Neo Noir
I'm really not wanting to keep her stock, since all my girls usually have big boobs, and it won't fit any of the dals i have in mind

but i'd love to keep the veil, it's so pretty and hard to recreate

any idea what it'd be worth iwthout it?
well, generally stocks are sold for a little more than the 40% split worth, but since you're keeping the veil. I'd say it'd be worth about the split worth smile

.-. I've been thinking about buying her mask if you were looking at splitting the stock at all. PM me if you might.
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I have a NN that I'm looking to sell... She has stock eyes, and SBH body with a tiny bit of neck melt (not enough to be noticeable or stop her from moving), a labret piercing, and a nice new wig. She's in great condition besides the melting and piercing. How much should I sell her for?
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anybody have any idea what a full stock Neo Noir would go for? - hair could be better but its still in the original curl
If she has been removed from her box but is still full stock, $50-75 plus extra for shipping would be a good price range, based on her recent sales on eBay. A full-stock NN with a loose head sold for about $50 two weeks ago on eBay.
How much would a NRFB Neo Noir cost now? I'm thinking of selling mine...
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I sold my Neo Noir nude and bald for $70 or $75, so maybe somewhere in the $115-$125 range? It's up to you, though. yay
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How much for a NIB NN now do you suppose?
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