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Pullip Customs
Nyx by Requiemart
[Image: 3849599856_5bbd0b76bb.jpg]
[Image: 3849599096_f393e31146.jpg]
[Image: 3849601484_25240519b1.jpg]
What's this my lip ring can come out?
[Image: 3848805955_e119f6ba88.jpg]
shh it's a secret

Joyette by Requiemart
[Image: 3498338876_cc3c840c6b.jpg]
[Image: 3478326508_9a7655c550.jpg]
[Image: 3652313566_fd28a98790.jpg]

Elphaba by Requiemart
[Image: 3670623612_a8b8f0b9dc.jpg]
[Image: 3670658478_c1ac977e13.jpg]

Lady Murasaki by Requiemart (formerly none as Selene)
[Image: 3909058835_20ab959648.jpg]

Froggy by Blue_wysteria
[Image: 3835635724_102936ac3b.jpg]
[Image: 3834840629_af6f443b52.jpg]

Kairi by unknown customizer (touched up by Requiemart)
[Image: 3661609738_aed1d94a93.jpg]
[Image: 3435364240_df79694d11.jpg]
[Image: 3642758652_c63a2d5cb0.jpg]

Malice by Papermoonpixie
[Image: 3641887313_12b4296bb9.jpg]
[Image: 3641894659_9d90166718.jpg]

Faewyn by Papermoonpixie
[Image: 3666679650_33411bf091.jpg]

Raelyn by Papermoonpixie
[Image: 3382540410_52f6179e15.jpg]

Klein Beere by Papermoonpixie
[Image: 3688619536_1b46bc5bd5.jpg]
[Image: 3080683676_d73376180f.jpg]

Mischa customized Raphia by unknown customizer
[Image: 3520187201_a9d7d7042a.jpg]

Azreal by artemekiia
[Image: 3411479401_e7e1b10053.jpg]
With her new custom wig
[Image: 3669904927_f5b6ae553b.jpg]
[Image: 3652280070_1af13c983e.jpg]
Flickr : Twitter: Tumblr : Facebook
[Image: 6298891632_a2df2e3dbd.jpg]
Ordered: Dollzone Venus Halo, Halo and Halo Strayer 

[Image: 3408831392_e65baff8f5.jpg]


[Image: 3642172677_69e3ff4d43.jpg]
Custom I made for Maaike-- @ Flickr:

[Image: 73koj5.jpg]

[Image: 34ipkx1.jpg]

My Venus who I customized for a more subtile look but sold:

[Image: 90y62v.jpg]

[Image: 4rokkp.jpg]

My Neo Noir who I customized, I made her a scar cross and added red under her eyes for a creepy look, I also changed her eyemake up just a little bit:

[Image: 30mu39e.jpg]

[Image: 6f37m1.jpg]
A custom Brand New Purezza, spray painted with airbrush paints.

My newest custom who I made and already sold:

[Image: 20925w7.jpg]

[Image: 10crdht.jpg]

[Image: 256h5ih.jpg]

[Image: 2yuaycn.jpg]
Cardea Rialai, my design, executed by Requiem:

[Image: 3969479279_d4bd55e972.jpg]

Lola "Flower Childe" White, design and all work by Requiem:

[Image: 3875787519_550c8c548d.jpg]
[Image: 3968612565_850370f4c1.jpg]

[Image: 3968612717_90619f0c5c.jpg]

[Image: 101_0221.jpg?t=1254456440]

[Image: 100_0755.jpg?t=1254455934]

[Image: 102_1675.jpg?t=1254455693]

new wig:
[Image: 102_4263.jpg?t=1254456495]
Emi custom Raphia by Runawaydolly

[Image: 838856Emi_004.jpg]
[Image: logoboycotttiny.png]
[Image: 2591005867_774593f7a4_o.jpg]
BUMPERZ: Custom done by me
Originally: Eternia
Wig: Hangry (Dal)
Eyes: Shade (Teayang) & new lashes
Mouth: Carved open mouth with teeth
Details: Covered in Bandaids & often has an arm in a sling. Her right eye has a black eye that is in the process of healing
My recent customs (they aren't my dolls, either I sold them or they were commissions)

[Image: 23tshls.jpg]

[Image: wjw174.jpg]

[Image: vxnqdv.jpg]

[Image: 1h4g92.jpg]

[Image: s3nfw6.jpg]

[Image: 2ey9lzo.jpg]
My first custom - Aries Spark. She was originally Bouquet (her head came to me sanded and I placed her on a T3 body). Her face-up was done in watercolor pencils, and she is still a WIP. wink

[Image: ariesspark00.jpg]

[Image: ariesspark01.jpg]
The Crew: Celsiy/Lizzie ~*~ Rida/Misa-chan ~*~ Veritas/Imogen ~*~ Barasuishou/Pinx ~*~ Souseiseki/Cassie ~*~ Raphia/Isolde ~*~ Greggia/Serenity ~*~ Bouquet/Aries Spark ~*~ Neo Noir/Morghan ~*~ Clarity/Annabell ~*~ Crazzia/Bridgett ~*~ Mir/Rhiannon ~*~ Kirsche/Juju ~*~ Suigintou/Jersie ~*~ My Melody/Payton ~*~ Shinku/Scarlett ~*~ Solarsenshi custom/Yuki ~*~ Shan-ria/Claire ~*~ Jolie/Millie ~*~ Fiori/Zoe ~*~ Hanaayame/Chloe ~*~ Colline/Abbie ~*~ Sakura/Molly ~*~ Milch/Sadie ~*~ Lizbel/Marianne ~*~ Cocette/Peachie ~*~ Seiran/Renji ~*~ Jade/Gryphon ~*~ Richt/Nova ~*~ Timulus/Felix ~*~ Arion/Aidan ~*~ Andrew/Usui ~*~ Tina/Kit ~*~ Kotoya/Saya ~*~ Apollo/Oliver ~*~ Hermine/Felicity ~*~ Sfoglia/Taffie ~*~ Melize/Buttercup ~*~ Ra Muw/Penelope ~*~

BJDs: Hujoos/Jinkie & Spice ~*~ Felix Brownie/Clover ~*~ BBB Elfkins/Ella & Belle ~*~ BBB Mei/Juniper ~*~ DZ Shoyu/Ramie ~*~ DZ Megi/Duncan ~*~ 5SD Tong Tong/Piper ~*~ DL Dang Dang/Emma ~*~ DL Ding Ding/Allie ~*~ DL Fay/Rin ~*~ DL Mic/Oscar ~*~ DollLeeke D Pumpkin/Adelaide ~*~ DollFactory Pepe Panda/Kale ~*~ Bambicrony Ozzy's Kumi/Ceciliy ~*~ Luts Honey Delf Coco/Marianne ~*~ Dollzone Leo/Puck ~*~ Leeke Kiel Ent/Fern ~*~ Leeke Soda Ent/Acorn ~*~ Pipos Heero ~*~ Pipos Demon/Duke ~*~ Pipos/Charlotte ~*~ SOOM Argil/Sparrow ~*~ SOOM Sov/Token ~*~ SOOM Beyla/Ember ~*~ Leeke Peanut ~*~

Waiting: Pipos Derek ~*~ Iplehouse Serca ~*~ Leeke Happy Entaur

Wanting: FL LF Ante
Luce, ex-stica :

[Image: 10010903473916695215328.jpg]
Ariel - she used to be a Craziia - Myufish did her face-up - better full body shots to come

[Image: 0_0.jpg]
[Image: 5183451079_940d455de6.jpg]
Abigail by Buff

(formerly a Raphia)
[Image: IMAG0039.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0037.jpg]

Jack Skellington
was once a Cornice

[Image: Jack.jpg]

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